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Hey Guys! I have an idea!! What if there was colabs like where people could make a club kind of thing ( Not through a project ) and they can make projects together!! I believe it's completely SAFE!! What Do you Guys Think??


There already is! If you create a new account and give everyone in the club the user and pass, then you can work on projects together! :wink:


Yes but there is a possibility of OTHER people getting into the account and ruining the project!!


Hmm.. I don't really get what you mean on your first post. Can you explain further? And about hacking, if you have a Hopscotch email, use that! :wink:


HS would have a tab and people there can create clubs and invite people then they could both have access to a project the club could make!!


Hold on, let me read that realllly slowly.


I see! Very interesting idea, maybe add this to one of the many other topics? :wink:


What? I am sorry I am confused XD


Try posting it here!


If you get the hopscotch app that costs money (the white one) (it's for educational purposes) you can join classes and you can publish things together (I think)


I kept forgetting to say this they won't add this because it's kinda like what's the point of one hopscotch!!


It's really expensive tho


I know it's exspinsive!