More than 10 Facts About Me! (snoopyyy)


Well, the normal stuff, tag @BellaWafflez17 and mention that everyone's doing this so I'm going to and all that stuff...anyway here goes:
1. I am a girl.
2. I've visited Hopscotch HQ before! :000
3. I've been hopscotching ever since May 18th, 2014! :D
4. I am really loud and bubbly. Like if you know me, I'm realllly loud.
5. HS is the last thing my friends would think I use. (because I rarely talk about it. only my really close friends know about it)
6. I LOVE PENGUINS (i think you guys know that already :stuck_out_tongue: )
7. I play the flute and piano.

More Details About that Here

My best accomplishment on flute is being the second best flute player from grades 7-9 in my state! I auditioned for my state band and I got second chair. :000 My best accomplishment on piano is probably winning an International competition with Honorable mention and the required piece winner. I would brag more but ehhh

8. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
9. I am currently procrastinating on homework.
10. The way I dress is random. One day I'll be wearing in infinity scarf with a soft sweater and jeans and ugg boots, the next I'll be wearing a preppy shirt and leggings, and the next an under armour shirt with shorts, it just depends on how I'm feeling.
11. I fail at yearbook pictures. Actually all pictures in general. I am not at all photogenic.
12. @WhiteFeathers is reading this right now.
13. My favorite color is pinkkk!!!!
14. I like Snoopy. (bet you guys didn't know that :000)
15. I am still procrastinating on homework.
16. My favorite type of penguin is the adelie penguin. :D
17. My favorite song is Stand By You by Rachel Platten.
18. My favorite food is probably sushi. :yum:
19. My hair is plain black. No dye or ombre like the rest of my friends. :frowning:
20. I don't really watch anime. I've tried YOI but it wasn't that good. (sorry)
22. My favorite type of dog is either a Maltese (hey @Maltese) or a Yorkie.
23. I don't have any pets. ;-;
24. I am literally immune to the cold. I wear shorts and sleep in my almost freezing room with a thin blanket. (I have a really soft and heavy blanket but I don't use it) I AM ELSA
25. I want to live in the city or near the city when I grow up.
26. My life is borrrriiingg.
27. I have been in the news before!
28. I know Javascript and Python (BARELY) as well as hopscotch.
30. Mangoes are probably my favorite fruit.
31. My favorite type of food is either Japanese or Korean.
32. When I was really young I fell off an amusement park ride. :000
It wasn't this ride though. According to my parents I fell off when it was near the top because I got scared and unbuckled my seat belt and I went flyyyyyyyying.

33. I don't like rollercoasters.
34. I've never been on a rollercoaster with a loop.
35. My favorite candy are either Kit Kats or Ferrero Rocher.
36. I've had six features and one rising. I'm not sure how many Trendings; I don't count them.
37. MagmaPOP has used my music twice. Minecraft Sneak Up has my music in it and it got game changers so I guess I've sort of been on game changers. (even though I didn't deserve it. the music wasn't even good.)
38. My iPad is bent a little, but it still works. :000
39. I never wear jewelry unless I have to. Jewelry is annoying and gets in the way of everything.
42. I started this vocab sheet almost an hour ago and I've only got four terms down. ;0;
43. Now it's five terms! :000
44. This is definitely more than 10 facts.
45. My favorite book is probably the Hunger Games.
46. I should probably stop typing but I have to get to 50 facts!
47. I wear glasses but now I usually just wear contact lenses.
48. I do not wear makeup. I think it's weird to draw on your face.
49. I don't wear nail polish either. I used to though...
50. I speak three languages! (Well, one of them I'm learning in school.)

I WILL ADD MORE (i mean if I feel like it)
if you got all the way down here then congrats


Wow that's a lot of facts! XD


Did you read all 50 of them? :000
Well, a large portion of them aren't really facts. :stuck_out_tongue:


how ya doin'


I'm a fast reader XD


I'm fine.
pls help me ;-;


well I'm not the kinda person to get that kinda help from because I'm more affiliated with procrastination than any of you


Me: Oh, that's-

"WhiteFeathers is reading this right now"



you are 25 likes away from 1000


Why are you keeping trackkkkkkk

I'm supposed to sneak up on ye


You are a lot like me!

I love The Hunger Games and penguins, we both play the flute (ayyyyyy), we procrastinate a lot, and a lot of other stuff!


These are so funny! And I like penguins too! I don't really like anime. And it sounds like you are really good at piano! What pieces do you play? I just wanna see how advanced you are!


Wellll...right now the best piece I can actually play is chopin's revolutionary etude.
I'm learning mendelssohn's rondo cappricioso and it's' sort of hard because of the huge octave thing at the end. you should listen to it :)


You're like the better, older model of me ;-;

Even I am scared of roller coasters, never rode a loopy one, likes sushi, likes Stand by you, Rachel Platten and I have a same first name, I like Adelie penguins, I play the flute, played the piano before, have done tae kwon do, don't really watch anime, have just 90% black hair and 10% dark brown hair, watch Netflix... (also, be careful the next time you ride an amusement park ride), I don't wear makeup or nail polish unless it is necessary, and you said we looked alike.

Yep a lot of typos


Is your hair dyed? (the 10% dark brown part)



Mah bootiful soft hair


Mine isn't either...
i want an ombre but it damages your hair
wait so how do you have two shades of hair?? :000


Ehm ah dunno


Haiiiiiii XD


Too late I saw it >:D
And it's ok, I've been playing for 7 years.