More Sounds at the Set Sound Block

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

More Sounds at the Set Sound Block (hopefully not for pros)

I’d use it for this type of project:


Why I want it:

Since new music is for pros, to just make it fair make more sounds.
Like moos from a cow, oinks from pigs, or even heavy rain, it might give a chance for more people to join hopscotch!
(I mean, scratch does not ask you to pay for sounds, right?)

Here is an example design I’ve made:

I’ve seen something similar in another programming languages, it looks like this:



pls dont say that hopscotch needs money since i already know dat kk


Cool idea! Maybe not recorded sounds for reasons but more sounds will be a great add on!

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Maybe it has to be reviewed by Hopscotch first like custom images

Anyway, pretty cool idea, might be another topic like this but im too lazy to search for it


Yeah, but I don’t think scratch has a subscription payment for sounds and stuff

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Thats what i mean

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But tht does

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Soo what my theory is that there are less users since they think it is not free, without thinking you can still code right

When there is more sounds update for free, my guess is that more people will join because they think it is now free

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but if people don’t know it’s not free- because it’s not- then- what?- That’s- no.


True true
And @RonAstern123
Scratch doesn’t have a sub at all. Because I don’t think it needs it.
Tht needs the money (not saying they are greedy) and so they have a subscription. So tht puts items into sub only, because they need money (again they are not greedy) however scratch doesn’t need money that much, so they don’t put things into sub.


And if tht puts more sounds people could find ways to equal the sounds you need the sub to get. And that will make people less likely to buy the sub because it’s less worth anything, equalling in less money and less profit for tht.


but theres a catch
remember the music tab on the set sound block?
its never changed, to make the music update fair
(i didnt mean to add like a marimba into the set sound)

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Just trying to bring this topic back alive, can be used for future reference. Bump.


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