More sound options?



There is so much you can do on Hopscotch like draw, make cool backgrounds and add SOUND. There's a limited amount of sounds when you want a lot. I get super frustrated when the sound I'm looking for isn't there when making a project. Do you? Does anyone agree?


I agree! Some hopscotchers are creating a project with a real song in it and I guess it'll be hard to find the notes to make it right since there's only a couple sound notes. But, maybe if you work hard to find the tone, you may be able to find hacks.


All this is possible, I made a topic similar to this,


To tell you the truth, two octaves are already enough to make most of the songs and pieces, octaves are basically levels of the pitch of the sound( does that make sense? 🤔) If remember properly, there are four octaves, Treble clef (commonly used), Alto clef (mostly used for background music), Bass clef, aaaaaaand I forgot the last one:frowning:️ .

@Rawrbear is also good in music, so if you want, you can also ask him.


@comicvillestudios There is treble, alto, tenor, and bass clefs, but that is what music is written in, not octaves. Octaves are just ranges of notes, 12 in each. A grand piano has 7.5 octaves I believe.

What we have now in Hopscotch is okay, but being a pianist myself it'd be better if we could get higher and lower notes in the future.

What I think we need:
-more notes!
-holding notes
-dynamics (loud/soft)
-chords, but I guess you could just use multiple objects


I remember @ioi mentionning something like that.


Btw a Grand Piano has 8 notes in a octaves (If you're counting two then it's 15 notes (you count one C 1 not twice)) I play piano


@Isaacwotwot A piano has eight WHOLE notes, but it is twelve counting accidentals. Make sure you aren't getting off topic.


I am awesome at this stuff like @comicvillestudios said, because I play piano AND I have perfect pitch, which lets me memorize a whole song and it's specific notes. It helps me a LOT. :smiley:

There are about 8 octaves in an average piano. There are also 12 notes in each octave, not including 0 and 8. Also, there are about 2 octaves in Hopscotch that you can use, not including the ones you can hack. I believe the octaves are 4 and 5, but I may be wrong. So, any questions? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We could use other sounds too, like maybe a siren, or a plane taking off maybe?


A record your own sound would be nice to, because you don't have to find the notes for the song, plus we could al so make a project where you say something and it talks back with recordings of our voices...


Hopscotch add microphone to sounds so you can make sounds!
Or get sounds from the Internet!
Thanks if you do add it later.


They did just only on iPad Air and later.... I think.... PLEASE BUT IT ON ALL IPADS!!!! :slightly_smiling:


They probably want to, but the recording program they put in only supported newer devices. :confused:


I really like the idea we should have a lot of instruments with notes we can play on hopscotch for sound options


connecting to Garage Band would be epic!


That is a great idea @AHappyCoder


Yeah add that to!
it'll BE gReAt!
I'll love you if you d do!

This guy is right

:frowning:I wish they will add sound microphone to but it's only on another IPad NOT Apple


I love this idea! I want to make a song but I can't fit it all on 1.9 octaves :confused:


Lol my space is like only 1 tiny space so it wouldn't work to much:frowning:️