More sound ideas!



I'm tired of the basic xylophone sounds!
The hopscotch team should add in types of sounds like a guitar and piano!
does anybody agree? :worried:


Yea! It would be great to be able to make our own music! in Garage Band
And some more ready-made sounds would be cool!


Actually, @DrDuctape (awesome name) and @AHappyCoder, I know how to do a basic sequencer with HS, and so do you, if you think about it.:sunglasses:

If you're familiar with music hardware or programs like FLstudio or Propellerhead Reason, you know there's usually a sixteen (or whatever) -count sequencer in every music toolkit that gets a block for each time slice turned on or off. With HS you csn do that using... arrays of dots and collisions with a moving timekeeper, for one. Give it a try!

You know what that kinda reminds me of? The pixel stuff people keep doing. Pictures using dots or blocks. Well, this is the same thing, just with notes or whatever.

As for the sound selection itself... I couldn't agree more. I don't think I would go overboard with instruments, but... at least something like... Sin, Saw, Square, etc., with a command like "Tone ... Frequency ... Duration ..." would sure be nice to have. I think that would be relatively easy to implement, don't you? I mean, as compared with a big bunch of instrument sounds? :neutral_face:

Am I making any sense? Hope so!


So, you think they should put in a MIDI Editor?
That is a great idea! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I'll try to notify the hopscotch
team! (Somehow...) i just have one question: Do you have a hopscotch Account ant what is your
username? (Mine is Dr.ductape)


i agree with @AHappyCoder