More Regular demotions ways?



Other then being inactive or being suspended. Regular demotion also should be more manual. Mods or leaders should be able to demote a regular if they are

(A) Abusing their power

(B) using the Regular title to be "bigger and greater" then lower Trust Levels

(C) Lashes out when they are told to stop multiple times.

(D) Ignores a rule multiple times in a row

(E) Uses the title change in bad ways

Should probobly add more but...

Regular demotion should be a little more strict.

A mistake or two is fine.

But if you keep being bashful you should me demoted.

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First repli. :0

I agree! People are randomly changing tittles.


That is very true
A alot of people are changing titles for no reason


Exactly their should be more strict rules with the power regulars have


Mods already can manually demote, but.. in my opinion most of these would only require a quick reminder. Plus, if the user keeps doing any of these actions, though they were warned, then it probably warrants a suspension anyways :confused:
Also, I don't really know what you mean by bashful... that means being shy or reserved XD
Could you explain?

(Also sorry if any of this is offensive it's just my opinion :wink: )


Calling the leaders
@SmilingSnowflakes (aka Master)


I mean by bashful is just being mean and you just keep doing it when people tell you to stop.

I know manual demotion happens but it rarely ever happens


I have seen all of this.

Some people used to say "I'm a regular your a member bla bla bla"

And even move it to lounge when someone is in member becusse someone's being anoying!


Ohhh, I thought you meant shy. I was a little confused. You might want to change that because bashful means shy or reserved, like GD26 said. :smile:

Other than that, yeah, I agree! I kinda think mods already do this though, but it's a good reminder! :D


Yeah, if we see repeated mistreatment of their regular badge, we'll most likely demote them.


Ok thanks :D


I think those reasons would be very good, but I think those would be enough.

No one is perfect and accidents might happen.


No, no @Razor it's pronounced Senpai


Yas, thank you for making this Razor :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: I completely agree!


This should apply to all badges as well.


I got demoted from Regular and I haven't done anything wrong, why?


Probaly to many flags. I got demoted too, but I learned to be happy and ignore the people who are like "WELL UR ONLY MEMBER"


@StarryDream Either you have too many flags (unlikely) or you haven't been reading enough posts or topics. If the reason is the "not enough read" one, you just need to read more topics/posts and you'll get it back in no time! c: