More realistic oceans?



So… @Hialus and I were making a project that goes under the ocean. It looks somewhat good, but I cant tell what I am missing.

This is a little sneak-peak of the project. I have the coral, a reef, an anemone, lively fish that actually move, bubblerings. What would be a way to make it look more lively? I think the ocean needs to be mixed colors and the sand needs rocks, but what do you all think?


It looks great! Maybe add some more dense seaweed and definitely add lots of rocks! Once you upload it though, I won’t be able to see it properly because I don’t have subscription,


Why do most of my posts need to be reviewed…?


I don’t know. But they won’t after a while.


Maybe it’s because you’re back and weren’t active for a while?


Yeah. Some more rocks would probably be good, more variation in the ocean colo and maybe more realistic bubbles? I would’ve suggested using a bubble emoji but apparently those don’t exist. Since you have the subscription, maybe you could use a picture?
You could probably put in a few other animals, like crabs or something on the ocean floor.


We need more fish, maybe hermit crabs or snails?


I would suggest making the ocean’s color some kind of gradient to make it look a little more realistic. You would probably need to make some kind of fast drawing gradient though.