More programming videos


Hi guys, as you didn't know I have YouTube channel (1 video so far, they take forever to upload :confused:) and I've been thinking about making a few videos on hopscotch programming! what do you guys want to see? links to the videos when they're published!


first video will be on... mirror draw?

yeah... recording right now... say hi to the Internet guys!

mirror draw video is approx 4 minutes long and my brother decided to help narrorate it 🙄 with bubbles


can't connect iPad to computer...


finally got one to my computer! now it's uploading :confused:

2:43 minutes long, and it's fully uploaded!


It says "page unavilablie"


@AHappyCoder well, search "justsomenerds 42" and I should be the first to show up (pixely drawing of a guy on a computer at midnight as profile picture, my old profile pic for hopscotch, I really need a new one)


wow! 20 views and it's only been up for 10 minutes! my last one has 10 views and it's been up for the past 3 months...


what should I make next guys? that was the purpose of this topic


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yeah, if anybody adds an idea (seriously, any idea will do people) then you can also use it


I'll bookmark this so I can subscribe to you later. :wink:


k, thx for the sub then! any ideas for the videos?


Make a compilation with iMovie, and load free to use songs from your computer! That's what I do! :wink:


PC, not mac :wink: 202020

also, video 3 is uploading (me playing some scratch games)


I know, you can load it from a PC! Unfortunately, you need iTunes on your computer to import your music. (I hate Apple! :wink:)


here's the link to video 3, just me failing at 2 scratch games


What Is Your YouTube Name?


'justsomenerds 42"...