More on hopschotch! ( I reached my limit btw so I can't talk )



I think hopschotch should add a lot more!! Live being able to draw in the editor tab, or use pictures from your photo library, or EVEN MORE!! Also we can add the person being able to type during the game!! AND SO MUCH MORE! Hopschotch really needs to branch out! DONT YOU THINK?


Maybe not pictures from your photo library people might do share bad pictures. Remember hopscotch is for coding.


I agree that might lead to some inappropriate content on HS and its for coding:)


Sharing pictures would wipe out the entire purpose of coding, but overall, I can tell that you mean well :wink:


Yes! I totally agree! This should would be a cool feature but people might put up inappropriate photos or photos of themselves. It sounds awesome but we should make a filter.


yeah not photos, but a bitmap editor? draw your own sprites that can move without making it lag a ton by using clones, it would make some projects lag waaaaay less, but would take some time to put in


Well, an undo button would help ALOT in draw pads... if only there was a way to code it or something. 🤔


Thanks Guys! But maybe hopscotch can have a little check thing or use parts of images because I think it just would be very useful! I am working on a project but I don't know how to code it because it's so complex! Also one of my projects is so BUGGY! So it would be awesome if HS could have a block that was like Stop____ like Stop ( Random Rule ) Or something like that.


Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here. These sound great, but they may not be possible to make. :wink:


Also, about typing during a game, YOU CAN! You have to code it though.


Really HOW!!!! TEACH ME PLEASE!!! I had an idea but the thing I want to use it for is way to big for hopschotch


Ok, I'll whip upa tutorial, give me a minute. :wink:


Thank You :stuck_out_tongue::blush:strong textemphasized textstrong text


I forgot, welcome to hopscotch are you out of replies, if you are like this!


This uses iFluffyStudios keyboard.

First, go in the editor, and add an I at the top, and whatever letters you want at the bottom.

Then, click on the I, create a new rule, and do the following:

Add a new rule for the I, and do the following:

Add another rule for the I, do the following:

If you have a space bar do the following.

Now for your letters. Go back into the editor, click you first letter. Add a new rule.

Add another rule.

Then, repeat the last two steps for the rest of your letters!


Hello? @Yandere-Chan? You there?


Yeah, because being limited to the characters they give you and the keyboard isn't really that great.


Hey! Welcome to the forum! You'll have a great time here. My, I've said that so much today!