MORE music?!🎀🎀🎀🎼🎧


HS has always been great. Best at coding and everything you knew.... EXECPT CLON-
Errrmmm never mind wrong topic!
I mean that HS has limited music which really takes away from musicians. They only other way to get other music is from the BuildASnowman music hack.
(See it in THT YT video)
So I suggest we make more sounds in HS without hacking because nobody likes hacking. EXPECT BUILDA-
Uhhh never mind again -_- so the point is that we need more music for more and better music.
So do you want more music or no?
- Yes I want more music
- No I don't want more music


Make sure to do a space like this:
You know, I'm a give you a poll

  • yes
  • no



I was laughing really hard at the EXCEPT BUILDA- part. Sorry. Anyways, you should follow your heart in choosing. :grinning:


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Please specify "More Music". I don't understand what you mean by that.

Do you mean like, more notes or notes in different instruments?
If it's that case, then it would be interesting...


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Sorry my mind was just blown
I've always made music by dragging out blocks, one by one, so this is WOAH for me!

I think we should have one more octave. That's all I ask for.


And also, I'm a bit hurt that you said that the importing MIDIs was the "only way to get music". I work for about a month to create a song using the blocks, as I'm proud of it.


@BuildASnowman I must know how you hacked HS! And I will keep @ ing you if you don't say how :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



@XiaoMiaoMi I mean to import new notes