More Music Features Petition!



Okay. I know the Hopscotch Team is working on hopscotch on iPhones and stuff, (super excited about that!) but music on hopscotch is extremely limited and glitchy.
First of all, I think there should be piano notes instead of xylophone.
Second, there should be dynamics. (Forte, Piano)
Third, recording! We wouldn't even need all the different types of blocks if we could just record notes and sounds!
Fourth, just more notes!

Sign your name if you want this!


Agreed! Make it editable :wink:



Sign your name here!

1.) @Snoopy

2.) @DancingLollipop

3.) @Stick88

4.) @sugarisyummy

5.) @Fifithefunnyflower

6.) @Dude73

7.) @RubyWolf1

8.) @MobCraft

9.) @iReesesCup

10.) Ooh yoy, tenth person @Fishyguitars


Piano would make it so much helpful :smiley:.


Just sign the list please. :wink:


Awesome ideas @Snoopy


I think that if you just recorded notes, that would kinda take the whole point out of coding it, but the rest is good.

(P.S. I editied the title)


That is a good point.



The ability to record notes would allow us to add more sounds to our projects, but...

  1. As @SUPERSWAGGY said, it would take the point out of coding it.

  2. People could also use this feature to record bad things, like swear words. (This is already done occasionally on drawing pads, but the less ways there are to bypass the filter, the better.)

But I like the other ideas! :wink:


I would love to have this, but let's not push THT

They have a lot on their hands, and this would take a lot of coding.


I would like string notes, down to the low C on a cello to the B on a violin E string. I feel very limited but notes that can't be held out, so more instruments besides xylophone and piano would be nice.


More notes would be cool, but like SA said, we can't push THT too hard. They're working on a lot now! :wink:


Yes, I play Viola and I really wished that at least went up to a d on the A string! @CreativeCoder thanks!


We really need a block to hold out notes! Really! It would be so helpful!!


More notes will really help with classical music!


Specifically more piano notes