More information later to come



I´d like to hear your explanation unless you don´t want to post it. It seems as though it does crash whenever I do, I mean I can´t do anything about honestly. I have a big project almost finished and it seems to be working just fine now, but now I don´t know if I want to finish it and release it


It was just kinda making connections between file size and how many people are on HS.
A couple years ago, (around when MagmaPOP was still activeish), there weren’t that many people taking up that much space on the app. Now, there are a lot of people. All of these people make decent-sized projects, or a lot of small projects that add up to be a certain size. This takes up space inside the app. The app also has to have space for updates and features and things.
THT has to store basically all of this inside the app, since it isn’t a server or something where you can store cookies outside of the app being used.
Here, I’m gonna use small and big in terms of people that use the app
Small app=more space=easier to have bigger projects
Big app= less space, more projects=hard to publish bigger projects.

This probably isn’t completely accurate, but you get the gist of it I guess.
It probabaly didn’t ,cake too much sense but whatever I guess


I understand what you are talking about


K. Good. I wasn’t sure if it made sense


Yea it made sense. I don’t know, I’m all out of ideas on what to do next


I have waaayayy to much stuff I have to finish. Mostly pixel arts, but still waay too many…

You could do a pixel art?


Good luck with with your pixel arts, I’m sure they will turn out good. Meanwhile I should probably work on this project


Thanks. They probably won’t be that great tho…

You should work on the project. Good luck


I’m sure they will


No they won’t.

Your project will.
So stop procrastinating and go finish it.

I’m just gonna disappear now too…


I’m still gonna be here, my game has lost basically all its hype so I don’t expect it to do well


I don’t think it’s lost all of its hype, I’m still pretty excited.
I might linger for a while, but then I’ll actually disappear


Well that’s good. There are a couple people still hyped


This is just so sad. I know that you worked really hard on it!