More information later to come



That’s as annoying as that update for that drawing app I have that made it pay-to-play…
Have you emailed THT?


Not yet, if it’s not on my iPad I will


So Business Simulator is just gone, it’s not here on my account on any other device anymore


Happened to my first person builder/shooter 8( never got to publish it


Try this.


Oh no… really? Email THT right away.


Business Simulator is gone
It died the second I released it


Oh no!


I decided to stop caring about it when I haven´t heard back from them in over a week


It took them like 2 weeks to get back to Dylan about his giant pixel art…


It has never taken this long before, and yes I know there are only four of them but now it´s like, why even bother putting it back out there again. It already started out bad…


Maybe ask hopscotch-curators if they can do something about it?


I don´t think they can. I´m losing my creativity and basically my ability to get projects out there. Now
I´m just announcing projects I can´t finish…


No harm in asking.

It’s okay…


I mean yea you have a point but, it´s just gonna be sitting in my drafts


Better to have it collecting dust than not have it at all
Sorry, I ran outta likes. I blame Dylan329


{: (
Maybe if you take a break from coding, you’ll get your creative mojo back?
I don’t know, that works for me, though.


Lol that´s ok, I just don´t know. I just wish Hopscotch wasn´t so broken. I mean it could be my account since I have drafts not uploaded on my iPad from my phone and vice versa so that could be an issue I don´t know


I mean yea I might.


I’m not sure… I’m not very active, but it seems to me that when you make a big project now, HS crashes more often

I had a long explaination but then I decided to just leave it