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Yeah, lie TheAwesomeBoi said, I think it’s in the app, not the project. My projects haven’t been working right either.


And they said it’s not a technical error…


Huh. That’s weird… I’ll poke around Hopscotch and see if I can figure something out.


Alright thanks


Yeah no prob.
I kinda owe you one anyway


You really don’t, but ok


I said it was in the app. And I wasn’t lying. If I was. I just got that info from other people…


Uhh it was a typo? I was agreeing with you? Okay?


@TheAwesomeBoi it was a typo, Fearless meant like not lie, also fearless was agreeing with you


I couldn’t have said it better myself
And you can call me she/he/they, or FP if you want, you don’t need to always type it out


Sorry. I didn’t know it was a typo…


It’s okay.
I’m sorry if I kinda overreacted a bit.
We’re cool :slight_smile:


Thank you, I was about spludge all over my room…


That’s sad :persevere:. Well, I’m pretty sure you will come up with a new awesome idea :smiley:!


I am really upset… I just updated Hopscotch today because an update rolled out just now to the App Store to see that the weird code bugs going around were fixed. Sure enough they did fix this, but I tried to see if Business Simulator was fixed because I was thinking maybe it crashes because of this random code bug, but no, only to find that it’s just gone from my drafts now. I opened the draft and when it opened it was blank. I closed the project and it’s just gone…

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This happened to me a bit ago. I thought that maybe I had done something wrong, but it seems like it’s in the app.


Oh no! That’s horrible…
I hope you find a way to recover it, it was a really awesome project.
Did you email THT?


That just STINKS!!! Remember my online retail project that I was streaming? It did basically the same thing…


I’m emailing them now


Yea it really does, all my other projects are just fine, Business Simulator I didn’t have it uploaded on this device yet because I edited on my iPad so I think it was because of that, I’m going to make sure it’s still on my iPad before I do any emailing