More information later to come



If anyone would like to join this game’s tag list please let me know


I want to. How are you doing so far?


You have been added to this topic’s tag list. It’s going pretty good, got roughly 43% of the game finished


That’s a lot! Good luck! :slight_smile:




Ill join!


Can I join it? It sounds really cool!


You guys were both added


I’ll join the tag list. (The project looks pretty good so far, by the way. :))


I have added you to the tag list


@William04GamerA, @Mathgirl, @Legendary_myth, and @tankt2016 you have all joined the tag list for this game. If you wish to be removed from the tag list, please let me know


Tag @everyone


Why everyone?


That’s worse than the OMTL. It tags everyone, even people who don’t want to be tagged.


I have now completed 50% of the game


Cool. I’m really really looking forward to it’s release.


Release Date Information
As Business Simulator gets closer to being finished, my goal is now to possibly finish it and get it out there by this month.
I am working hard to get the game out as fast as possible but also making sure that it works well, it looks good, and nothing goes wrong with it.
If it does come out this month, expect it to be at the end of October for I am roughly 50% done with it.
As the days go by I get at least 3% of the game done, and I also did take a break from working on the game during fall break.
Get excited as for this is the first update as we get closer to its release!

Tag List


If you want to join the tag list let me know


I’ll join the tag list…


Added you to the tag list, welcome!


Thanks… I guess…