More Information About LoL_Master03



If you recall my last question, there was this hopscotcher named LoL_Master03. They draw like me, do the same hair like me, and even HAVE THE SAME NAME AS ME!
So I looked again, and I saw, there last thing posted was before I even came ON hopscotch. So if you guys thing that it's me and you don't believe it's not, that's fine, I would'nt blame you.
But, I think it's still, a little strange.
What do you think, forum? I need your help in cracking this case and you fellow nice people would be perfect.
This is just really, really weird.

Really weird.



Pls help me guys. This is actually pretty bad, in my opinion.


There are tons of people who draw like that. + They want to be like you cos they are jealous of how good you are


But, they were done with hopscotch before i even started hopscotch....


Are you the person with the watermelon profile pic?


Noe, pizza.

(I don't know what to do..)


Same name? As in username?


No, as in
We share the same name, Piper.