More Forum Categories-- Yes or No?



Continuing the discussion from [Community Check]

Hello everyone! I got the inspiration from @William04GamerA’s Community Check topic in order to create this topic! In the topic he had a series of polls in which forumers got to vote on! One of the stats I personally thought was the most interesting was the forum categories one! Take a look:

I thought this was interesting, especially because I feel like since my time on the forum getting new categories hasn’t been very talked about. Some people thought the categories are great, but most thought that they are okay and mediocre.

I have a few questions:

  • Which unnecessary categories should be taken out, in order to declutter?
  • Should more specific categories be added, for better organization?
  • In the current categories, which should be altered (meaning the purpose…)

Let me know what you think!! I think most of the categories are useful. The only one I can think of that may be a little eh is probably the “Deprecated (Help With Code)” all the way at the bottom!

Because if forumers want to learn a new skill, they can head over to how-tos. If you want to show off a new coding skill you have mastered, simply post a topic in the how-tos category!! You can totally disagree!


Let me know if you would like to join my tag list!

Have a great day!


The only that should be removed is deprecated but who’s got time to change every topic in it to a different category?

For the first eight months or so of my being on the forum it was all there was.

And I joined about five months after the forum was created, so there’s a lot of topics in that category



dude why the heck should random be taken out only a few of us even use hopscotch anymore tbh


This is the most ridiculous idea I’ve heard and you aren’t even @Aariv


wait who
aariv said to take out random


I’m replying to OP not you


So you got inspired by me? That’s cool, and I have thoughts about this subject myself a little bit.

I think that something should be done with #help (the depreciated category), but I’m sure how it would work. If all topics in that category would be deleted, so much would be lost! I don’t really know what could be done with that.

I’m happy about all the other categories and I think that this is up to our future community manager to decide. Thank you for creating this interesting topic, as this is something that I see become a really fun discussion with many ideas.


Are you the same William04GamerA from hopscotch


Yes, I am! :slight_smile:




no, because, the ones we have, are, enough, already,
goodness gracious system I’m just a fast typer


Okay speaking of catorgories How to access random stuff


No offense, but don’t spam random old categories, please. Also, you have to become a member to get into random stuff. I’m not entirely sure about the requirements, but you should have it within a few days of you’re relatively active. :wink: