More forum categories needed!



Have you ever wondered why there is only one category on the forum? Do you think that there should be more? Reply if you agree!


Yeah i do agree with that. @liza this is quite a good idea!


There used to be more than one category for everyone (regulars still get a second) in the beta version of the forum, but Liza changed it to tags so it would be less confusing for new users.


What if when you get like regular you get more catagories because regs has been around for a while!


Actually, you earn a new category when you become a Regular, like me: #lounge.

And you get even more when you become a leader, I think.

But I really think there should be more categories everyone, no matter what trust level, can see and use. I agree with you. But you have to ask Discourse, they made this forum, The Hopscotch Team is the admins.