More "check if" blocks

Hopscotch offers 2 “check if” blocks:
Check Once If - Check one if x variable meets y condition
Check If Else - Same as “check once if” block but you can input code in case x variable doesn’t meet y condition

It would be cool if there was more to do with the “check if” blocks.

  1. Something cool to have is an “else if” statement. Basically you could enter another condition in case x variable doesn’t meet y variable condition.

  2. Another thing that would be cool to have is the ability to add how many “else” or “else if” extensions you want to the “check once if block”

  3. One more thing would be the ability to check if x variable meets y variable conditions more than 1 time and also check when specific events happen

Well that’s all I got. Pretty simple but useful I guess…

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You can nest check if else blocks to do the same thing as an else if block would. Nice ideas though!


Nested check if else containers makes it harder and harder to make changes.

An expandable Else If container would make it more convenient to make changes, as you would be able to see everything in the container.