More absence news. This is even worse


So I got my iPad taken away a little but now I have it back luckily. But now I have another problem. My parents are changing our internet and television company so we won't have Internet or television starting April 27. That means no forum or hopscotch... Starting April 27 I won't have Internet and We will probably get it back in May. Just another heads up.


Goodbye! (See you soon) (Don't worry! May is only about 2 weeks away! :D)


I will miss you! I'm glad you can come back!


Oh, that ■■■■■ c you later


iinsert le no


You shall be missed!


I'm hoping I can get internet back within a week.


Oh well. See you later. Hope ya come back soon


Ich Hoffe So Auch!
(I hope so too)!


auto-uncenceror:s ucks


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ I am hugging the Internet for now until it goes away.


Oh. Well good luck with changing companies! See you soon I guess...


See you soon (I hope), and good luck with changing companies! :D

@Kiwicute2016, do you think you should lock @HoppingBanana's trust level at regular until she gets her internet back? (If you haven't already)

Sorry for bothering you, but it'll be kind of unfair if @HoppingBanana gets demoted while she's gone... :wink:


Please don't use that word, there are little kids in the forum.


Thanks for noticing that. I never even thought about my regular.


Please try to come back if you get internet again. yesterday for me was...well the internet was constantly on and off.