Moon Quest 4 (Rawrbear and Etalix)




This is @Etalix and I's chat for the long awaited sequel of Moon Quest 3!

So, Etalix. What's our game's plot? I was thinking that the ship that destroyed the base could have crashed landed onto another planet. Is this a bit too unoriginal?



I can't wait!

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Is Moon Quest 3 a game in Hopscotch? How come I've never heard of it before?


This is only for your first day, so you don't have to worry about that!

What do you think of the plot?


It was made about a year (or more?) ago. Liza played it on their YouTube channel!


So I honestly have no plans or plot for Moon Quest 4. (and i agree it was unoriginal)
But it still sort of makes sense because I do believe I intentionally made the ship at the end get blown away from the explosion.


I have to check it out! It sounds amazing


Which is how I thought of it.

Maybe the ship could be drifting through space (maybe some debree fell into the engine?), and out of nowhere, some sort of beam from a bigger ship pulls them inside.

How does this sound? Still unoriginal? I've run out of ideas at this point. XD


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It's okay, we need to keep in mind that the martian king is in there and so perhaps this bigger ship causes a war with the martians and another race of aliens?

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Right, forgot about the martian king.

Sure! Maybe, right as you get into the ship, there could be a cutscene. The ship you use would be surrounded by alien troops, and they would say something like, "Halt! You are in the space sector of [Alien clan name]! We forbid you to [something here :p]!"


And okay, cool.


This seems to be a good idea and I would indeed like this in the project.


I agree, it would be pretty cool to have it like this.

There should be some dialogue and a minigame afterwards, what should that be?


I'm thinking about the characters escaping a jail of some sort because the opposing race thought the king wasn't as important so therefore they arrested him and a scout had seen the king captured so therefore the word spreads and a war is starting but the characters don't know this so they escape the jail?


That would be awesome! I can't think of plot as well as you do. xD

Where did the scout come from? Did he escape the ship?


That is a problem I can't explain but he is a scout and I'm sure he would be doing a secret patrol around the non-martian race so maybe the fact that it is a scout could explain it?
But I like the idea of escaping the ship. Maybe he is a martian escapist who saw the king so he possibly notifies his people?
This would probably be hidden information though for those who actually go out of their way to figure out extra information and are looking at this string of post as we speak! :open_mouth:


It could be a spy on the ship that escapes on an enemy ship..? Or on his own, somehow.

Either way, someone makes it back to their planet and reports it, which starts a war. Makes sense.

How will the people escape the jail?