Moon Challenges Collaboration![2 spots open 1 pending] you might have a chance!



Sup person who's reading this,
I am doing a collab. it's called the moon collab because.....well I don't really know why it was kinda the first thing that popped into my head. Back on topic I do have some requirements but don't get sad if you don't meet one of them I will give you something special instead. Although, some of them you have to have

1.You need a Hopscotch e mail
2.I would like it if you had at least one project on trending (not a must)
3.You need a hopscotch talent like code, pixel art, drawing, Writing, Music,Generally good at working together etc.
4.You need to be an active worker who puts effort into this

If you meet these requirements please tell me in two sentences not complicated ones why you would like to be in this collab sorry for the harsh requirement. What we will be doing: each week we will take challenge requests and the best challenge suggested we will do as a team!

P.S.: I almost forgot there only 8 spots so join now!!
PPS if you read this you will know but I reeeeeally like italics aka slanted Text aka these things
PPPS: if We don't have enough spots you can suggest something for us and you will be credited

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Code/art idk...
  4. Yes


No join no help sorry


Ok cool the reason for the email is sO I can send you the user and of the account but I want to get more mambers first




I will put you down for code




Who would you suggest for some of the categories?
This is what I have so far:


Music @Snoopy and @Follow4LikesOfficial art @PopTart0219 @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza. Writing @LotsaPizza etc.
Coding @MagmaPOP etc. and thats it for now (sorry if its too much)




Oh ok I was thinking more unique hopscotchers not that they aren't unique they are just verse
Well known


Helpful could be @Rawrbear or @t1_hopscotch or who ever else u think


Follow4likes already said he can't join


What about @seawolfwerehorse or @DancingLollipop how good r they?


Helpful as in knows what they are doing t1 just goes around answering questions


THT is sometimes helpful


Yup and i said whoever u think


Yeah but I can code the music

That's pretty much all I can do


Awesome! I love them they would be the best everyone you @-ed just now will work just fine!


Did it on purpose to get their attention