Monument Valley Trail Art Collab


Hey, Monument Valley fans, trail art lovers, and forum browsers!! Lately I’ve been trying to do a Monument Valley level I trail art but it was kinda hard for me and I thought, “well, if I can’t do it by myself, then why not do it with other people?”. (I don’t do trail art much anymore but if you look at my profile I have some trail arts like a cat, the planets one, the editor, etc. so I do have an idea of what I’m doing if you were wondering XD)

So, I was thinking we would split up parts like the background, first level of bricks, second level of bricks, the switchamabob, the staircase, Ida, etc. to make it easier to manage. If you would like to join, just post down below.

Collab FAQ

I don’t want to do this collab because it looks too hard. What can I do instead?
You can always do the easier parts of the trail art, or just give feedback/suggestions as we make progress. Credit will definetly be given for those who give feedback or suggestions or ideas while we make this project. :)

This sounds fun, but I don’t have time.
It’s okay!! I totally get it. Even if you don’t have much time you could also participate in doing smaller parts of the trail art if you wanted :D

Will we make an account?
No, we will be trading drafts.

Do I need to fill out a form of some sort?
Nope. Just tell me you want to join! Some parts of the trail art are easier/harder than others, so I feel like mostly everyone can find something to do despite their skill level.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask :+1: If it turns out that nobody wants to participate I’ll just probably end up doing it myself :smile:


Looks cool I want to join! Let me just read the whole thing first.


I would love to help out here! Just tell me what I can do! I already have code that would work for the background, I believe, so I could start on that :wink:


Just tell me what to do! I am actually pretty experienced but I just don’t publish a lot of trail trail art.


Okay, awesome!!

Edit your name if you want to be in the collab and what you would like to do if the trail art (just one thing for now) down below:


HopscotchRemixer (OfficialHopscotchRemixer on the app)

WynterDiamond (same name on both)

PIANOMAN (PianoMan🎹™ on app)

laser_eyed_puppy (NeonPuppy413 on the app)

CheckyWecky (Checky Wecky on the app)

William04GamerA (William04GamerA on the app)


We should notify people about this.
@OMTL check out this collab. Description at the top.


This seems like a good idea. I wouldn’t mind doing the little person thingy. I’m ok at trail art.


By the way, those in the collab, I suggest you look at this soon (also linked in top post), because it has some ideas on how to do certain things:


I would love to join!!!,


I would really like to join as I think that making trail arts is really fun! I might not have that much time, but I will participate as much as I can.


I made the person thingy


Can I join? I might not have much time, but I would love to give feedback and things like that. Ida looks great, BTW.


Okay, awesome! I didn’t expect this many people to be interested :blush:

@WynterDiamond can you start on the background soon? (Btw I use Paper 53 to find HSBs but you can use whatever you want) Remix the “spinning flowers” project by Fancy_Pizza (I’m going to rename it Monument Valley Collab when we finish the project and remix the final project to that account so everyone gets equal credit and it’s not on one person’s account. Sorry, it’s kind of confusing XD) No rush, though! Take as much time as you need :)


I am terrible at trail art but I would be happy to give feedback and stuff. This looks really cool!


Can I join even though there alot of other people?


Okay! I’ll get started now! :wink:


I can’t seem to find the account (I have been having this problem lately)… I will try again, but I’m not quite sure what to do. Maybe you could heart one of my projects from that account, so that I can find it. Thank you, and I apologize for this!


I made this so far, I hope that it’s good enough!


I will join!
Which part should I do (I am not really good at details tho)


Yeah! You can join (you too @Hermione). Just edit your name in here.

Hermione, hm, maybe some of the bricks? They’re pretty easy.

Okay, so I’m not taking anymore people at this point I think we have enough members, and too many will be kind of crazy.

@WynterDiamond, I hate to say this, but I would really prefer if this project were in portrait mode (yeah, that’s my fault, I’m sorry. I didn’t think of it. I’ll make another project that you can remix on the same account) It looks great, but I think it should be faded more:

(I made this a while ago but it takes a looonngg time to load and the colors are off. I think if you just add a few more ovals it’ll look more faded. Just don’t add too many or else it’ll take years to load XD)