Monopoly Collab?



Hey @MagmaPOP, @PopTart0219, @OrangeScent1, @AHappyCoder, @Kiwicute2015, @t1_hopscotch, @Valgo, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @axolotl!
I was thinking about making something no one has ever thought of: A Board Game That Deals With Money like Monopoly! Of course, I could handle the music since there really aren't any 'good skills' besides art. (With code, not with my fingers) :smile:
@MagmaPOP - you could handle the 3D works. The shading,and the overall layout of the game. Your the best at the cloning, maybe you could handle the money.
@PopTart0219 - you are really great with values! You could settle the turns, and the 'multiplayer' function.
@OrangeScent1, I saw your 'Elves' game, and I love how you made the characters! Maybe you could make some for this game?
@AHappyCoder- You and @MagmaPOP are both an awesome cloning group. But maybe you could work on the score?
@Kiwicute2015- you are really great at sin/cos. You could work on the camera following the characters around! @MagmaPOP, you could work on that as well. :wink:
@t1_hopscotch - I loved your 2048 game! It is EXACTLY like the real game! Maybe you could add some Monopoly characteristics into the game!
@Valgo - You should design the board! You choose the best colors and I think you'll do a great job. :relaxed:
@Madi_Hopscotch_ - you could design the play screen, the tutorial. You and @Valgo should also work on the 'auction' tab.
@axolotl - I know you'll do a great job on the cards. (the houses) and the hotels. You are such an inspiration to me!
And to all of you, if you don't like your part you can always switch. I'll be able to help with the music and any other things, music seems like such a simple task in a game like this. :flushed:
I know this sounds like a bad idea so if you guys don't want to do this its fine!
Oh and don't feel left out if you aren't on this list! You are free to join, I'll create an account called Monopoly Collab Group, just add your name to the list! I'll only create the account if everyone has confirmed it.

100+ Things to Code

I wish I could help :pensive:


Yea I just realized how mean I sounded leaving people out so I added more. Read it :smile:


Lol I was reading it and the extra text just randomly popped up. There is just one issue with me joining, though- I don't remember my hopscotch password! I don't want to log out because of that!


OH NO! Maybe you could press 'help' if you have an email?!


No, it's not that, I don't have Hopscotch anymore. :pensive:


I'll see about it, though. I will email the Hopscotch team about it.


I love this idea :wink:. I'm also really good with layouts, so could I "design" the board, or something like that? :slightly_smiling:


Ok, but I warn you, this won't be my primary collab! I have The Hunger Games Collab under my belt, which is really big!
Btw thanks for liking my elf model!


@Rawrbear - why?
Did you delete it?
You can always log back in :smile:


YES! I thought everyone would just be like 'no'
I'm really excited!
I'm making an account right now!
The username- i removed this bc I don't want to get hacked
the password- same here
Guys i'm really excited; I hope it gets on game changers :grin:


No, it's because the school locked down my iPad because my parents asked for it. :pensive:


Can I work on the credits as well?
Minuscule part, i know :joy:


Why? Were you using it too much?


sure :smile:


By the way, also everyone should log in to the new account and add their name to the list :smile:


No, my parents just don't like me taking breaks when I'm bored :sweat:


:heart: Maximum likes ....


I'm on the account, and made the Monopoly Projects. Here's a warning: Not more that 1 person in the project at a time


Also, how do thou want the game to be like? 3D? 2D with 3D characters? Sorry, just trying to clarify.