Monopoly Collab Project (We need more workers)





Monopoly Collab( invite finished)
(Topic Canceled)

Thx and plz keep this testing under control. Will give assignments and other when we are ready.


Good you made the list.
@Nas-Studio you have to stop others not on the list from remixing/adding to the game otherwise you're going to have 5-6 versions all different from each other and the chat will be a mess.


Thx stradyvarious. Keep up good work


Thanks, hope we can work together again in future.


We still aren't done with game though... As soon as we get everyone back on track we can start on working on the game again :expressionless:


Im really sorry,
i saw that in the first topic was become mess so i thought i make a new one
but i forget to tag you


Some ideas while i'm waiting.
An easy way needs to be made to show which of the 4 players owns the buildings.
I think color coding is the easiest way.
The 4 players need to be different colors from each other.
A transparent square should be placed over every square with a building.
When the squares tapped the color should change each time to one of the 4 colors listed and a 5th color white to show no ownership.

And when the arrows are tapped the value should go up/down $5 to make it quicker when adding/subtracting from the players cash.
To do this without any problems all prices/prizes/fines need to end in 0 or 5.
This is important @Jonathan5665 @Nas-Studio @GiraffeProductions to remember.


I can join
(20 character )


You'll have to ask @Jonathan5665 as there were too many ppl remixing in the other topic list so the members were narrowed down to 4 to stop any confusion.


What will You do @CaPCode


New beta
Fixed a lot of bugs... Current beta
Nas studio can u work on pricing buildings


Can I join? 2020202020022002020202020020202


What would u do???


I'm working on the new beta.


I can do what you want to visit me in hopscotch, my name is capcode


Hey giraffe did u get the new beta I published earlier


I just want to know what u would want to work on :grinning:


Yeah I did. (20202020)


New beta with a new board with new color and some other stuff.