Monkey's Back! :D


I'm going on holiday for a whole month in America and I'm not going to be on. I also leave tomorrow morning. @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman could you please lock my trust level.




Bye, we may miss you!


I don't think anyone will miss me


That is sad..

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Bye @WinningMonkey! Have fun during your holiday :slight_smile:


Bai Mankey!


saves photo

That is so cute!

Also bye ;-; I'm gonna miss you.


goodbyeeeee!!!! See you later :slight_smile:




Bye fren.
I really actually don't know you... But bah.


Bai Fren! See you soon!
On another app, my username has monkey in it and people call me monkey, so I thought you were mad at me. lol XD sorry


Wow I never thought you people would miss me if I left​:blush:


Bye! Cya later alligator


Enjoy America! It's a cool place! What state/states are you visiting? If you don't wanna say you don't have to :3


Is your name Emma?


Los Angeles
San Fransisco
San Diago


Do ya mean me

If so no my names not Emma


Have fun! Those are also super cool places! I've been to all three multiple times! Also it's San Diego :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ok
They sound really fun

Also Are you from America


Yup! I'm actually from CA so lol :stuck_out_tongue: