Momentum code not working correctly




This code is not working correctly.

Every time this happens, my rocket ship turns faster instead of slower
What's happening?


Switch the code around.


I've tried that, sadly it just makes it worse


Go back to your original code (the one in the screenshot) and try switching the negative value to be positive and the positive value to be negative. I haven't tried momentum code yet but I would think it would work to achieve an opposite effect.


Still doesn't work...


I've had a similar problem that wasn't solved, even after many different suggestions to fix it on the forum. Maybe put the second check once if in another rule that is the same as this rule?


I've got a few minutes before I have to be somewhere else. If you're on, and if you want to say what you actually want this code to do, or if you want to publish it long enough for me to download it, I could look at it and help make it work. Should be easy. Momentum is not rocket science. Hey, wait, yeah... it kind of is. :blush:


Well, I want the rocket to turn, but then get closer and closer to stopping. What I like to do is to turn code from a completely different type of my other games, and make it another way, which I did in one of my other games "60 second survival", and it worked fine. Oddly, this code stopped working when I maked the code from a triange to the rocket ship.


Well, I copied the code into another project, and now

it works?:joy: I wonder why...


Lol :smiley:
Can't like though, so :heart:


Wondering what method you used to copy the code into a second project...


I just did it all over again, it was only 3 rules