Moment of silence for canceranddying


Look at her account it's sad. I'm not sure I believe but ok.

What should we do as a memorial of her?




Idk. Other ppl here have cancer but we don't make a big deal about it. I have cancer but it's not bad. I'm not gonna die


I know. It's just sad. I saw the mom published another project


But she died.


Read every project she made.


It's just sad.


She wanted some friends.


Tries to be happy


What should we do as a tribute?


I hope she got some!


I have Ewing sarcoma

I bet u have never heard of that


We could make a project featuring some people with cancer on HS, and what we can do to help.
canceranddying's mom just followed me.


It's a extremely rare cancer that is a bone cancer


0: she did? Did you see how the likes sky rocketed up? Did you like one maybe that's why. And that sounds like a great idea


Ya. But I'm fine

How long ago did she die?




I think around 4 days she didn't tell us exactly


Last week or so... ;-;


Ima go like the projects