Mom trying to help son!😱


Hello, I have been trying to figure out for two days how to code background color and keep score. Which tutorial will help me with that? I have watched videos ob youtube but the screen is different than what I am seeing on my ipad. I watched one called "make a tapper game on Hopscotch" but he has a slightly different screen and the options are not the same. At 3:11 he says to set text, which I can do, but it does not allow me to set it to a value. ???? I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you please tell me what to do?
For now, I would like to earn a point each time a circle touches a square. Three things on the page. Circle, square and the score. (I am trying to start simply). I would like the background to be green.

I am a Mom trying to help before I have to make dinner!!! Please save me.


Okay this new update can be confusing, so they're making all new tutorials

For the background, have a "draw a trail" block. Set the "width" to anything more than 3000 and you'll be fine, and tap on the colour to make it green.


To set a text to a value, just tap the and tap the value you want to set it to. :D

To get to the values, you'll have to either tap the :iphone: emoji or scroll a bit. :slight_smile:

For the background, refer to the post above mine. :D


If you swipe right, then you'll see the yellow values! :smiley:

Press the one you'd like to use to keep score with and I think you're fine!

If I'm wrong, do you mind posting some pictures of what you have and what you're looking for?


They have to make new videos as the newer update is confusing to many, and the editor can be difficult. :slight_smile:

I don't have an iPad during summer, so my advice probably won't help. :/

@PopTart0219 did a great job explaining the background, it took me months to figure that out!

Good luck and happy coding! :D

Also, in the future if your son has any more problems, he can join the forums and personally communicate with great coders such as the ones that have already commented!


Welcome! The people above me have pretty much covered it! The screen looks different in the video because hopscotch has been updated. I'm bluedogmc, and I'm 11. Welcome to the forum!


Welcome! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you want help!

They've covered it all I think :joy:


Thank you SO MUCH for all your replies!! I have to run an errand (found some lego mindstorms on craigslist!). I will try everything as soon as I get back.

Thanks SO MUCH



Everyone else got you covered already!

I hope your son is enjoying hopscotch!

If he has more questions he can always make a forum account depending on how old he is :D I learned a lot here, so could he! :D
We try and keep the forum as safe and friendly as possible :D


Welcome! I'm glad you found your solution! If you need any other help feel free to post here, we have a really fast community. If I may ask, how old is your son?


We're glad we could help! Depending on your sons age he could also join the forum and whenever he had a question he could come and ask! Of course that's up to you though.

We're a friendly community so don't be worried to ask anything in the future!


@Mathgirl HOW?!?!


It's a screenshot. :D


But how did you make it so small?!


This tutorial I made should explain it. :)


Glad to hear that. This community is always happy to help!

not that I did much… oh well :joy:


The community in general helps a lot.

You may have not done much on this topic, but you help a lot on others!


Thanks @Lightningstrike :blush:


Sorry all ... I was sidetracked by life.
I understand how to change the background color, but the scoring is still confusing to me.

Ok, so how do I share my "example" with you? Do I just publish it?
Is there another way?

To keep this easy for me I made a very simple game.
Drage the black dot to the square.
Each time is touches the black square I want 1 point to be added to the score.

I'm sorry but I need simple instruction. I am a best at visual learning, so I LOVE the videos.
And since we homeschool ... I want to learn with him!

Thanks SO MUCH