Moi art is here




you can post your art in the drawing tooic.


Wowwy this is awesomes me


Thanks for telling mea


Yeah, it would be best to post your art here:

But anyways, your art look great, but I can’t see the image in the first post.


Hi, @MareJCS! I just wanted to say, hi! How u doin? I’d noticed u weren’t on hopscotch lately and now i know y. I hope u’ve seen the advice ive posted on my advice column for u on hopscotch! If u havent yet and cant, thats totally fine. Just dropped by to say i hope ur going well! (Apologies for this terrible grammar and punctuation, I cbbs big time rn!)


P.S. Welcome to the forum, mate!


My aunt made me delete hopscotch




A levels are coming up