Modifying Projects(Collab w/ CreationsOfaNoob)



Hey, @CreationsOfaNoob. So I wanted to ask a question… Do you want to collaborate on an upcoming modified project I’m working on? If you can that would be great! I hope we can collaborate on a modification creator, and make tutorials on how to modify projects in the future, but for now I just want to work on this one project.

P.S. My username in Hopscotch is MicrowareStudios:globe_with_meridians: Alpha


Sure! I don’t usually do collars, but this is a great idea.

How much have you experimented with the JSON files?


I’ll create a topic for discussing this kind of “modding” in general.


Hey, @CreationsOfaNoob. This is my(@XxFoxxedxX’s) alternate account I had before I made a new account. Anyways, I have already made two mods: The doubled canvas mod, and the huge font mod. I’m currently working on the hidden code mod, but I still can’t figure out something. Maybe if you could help on a few modded projects we could be the first ones to create advanced hopscotch mods.


Also I have just created another modified project called the Secret Update(A.K.A Scenes Mod). I have managed to create a way to insert hidden code into a scene flawlessly by using a rule called “Hidden Code”. Once you edit the “Hidden Code” rule you will be editing the code for the text that appears whenever you start the scene. It is kind of advanced modding, but I don’t think other modders will do what I’m doing. Basically the project uses scenes and objects injected directly to another scene through editing the json file. Anyways, you should check out the modified project I have created!


I’ve actually been getting from doing the screen size mod to the hidden code mod. I hope to finish the hidden code mod though, but for now I’m trying to figure out how to actually hide the object from the “view all object/code” mode in the editor. Basically the “view all object/code” mode is that button you can press whenever you are editing an object’s code that looks like an eye with code in the background. Maybe if you know more about modifying projects we could make a very popular mod that might introduce one of the first hopscotch mods to be advanced.