Modified Projects are Deleted after the App Restarts Itself


@Ana @awesomeonion

The following causes code to be lost, so I’m hoping you might be able to improve this behavior so your code remains after turning Hopscotch back on.

  • Open a published project
  • Start modifying the code (I do this very frequently in an attempt to reuse code since Hopscotch code is completely sandboxed)
  • Get distracted/interrupted (this also happens frequently)
  • Wait for some period more than a few minutes & after the device turns off (sleeps)
  • Go back to Hopscotch
  • The app will restart
  • Your code will be lost

Just to note: This only occurs if you haven’t formally exited the modified project (where it’s asks if you want to remix, save to profile, or exit).

So the obvious work around is to exit a modified project and save as a draft. Then, even if Hopscotch restarts while you’re working on the project, the progress won’t be lost. But the point here is in getting interrupted before remembering to do so. I’ve lost at least 3 projects recently due to this, and it would be really awesome if Hopscotch would temporarily save modified projects when the app restarts itself, and then return to that project after it restarts.


This has happened to me, and half of my code will be lost. I’m glad to here that it isn’t just me who is having this problem. I hope that it gets fixed soon!


This has happened to me too, multiple times.
I agree with your suggestion, and it’d be pretty cool to see it added to hs.
Let’s wait and see what Ana thinks ig


Yeah >_< this is a problem that needs to be fixed.


Nice topic!

I lost a project in a similar fashion due to my stupidity when I pressed exit, and I understand your point on working on published projects. This may be more of a RAM management issue with your device, but THT can also work on opimization, although it won’t be nearly as effective as if Apple decided to optimize it. Your device will often do this to save battery

That would be cool and would work well to avoid this issue!


That is weird. Great catch @ThinBuffalo! If the app crashed, can you access the crash files via iTunes to see what has gone wrong?


Did you save this to your drafts?
Edit: never mind, read the rest.
So wait it temporarily saved these before…?

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No, just a cool idea to make this more sandbox-like

And @William04GamerA it is not a crash, it is just a RAM management issue on Apple’s side. Hopscotch can add temp save files, but the app relaunch is out of Hopscotch’s control


Oh, okay. Than you for the clarification.

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Thanks for this.


Hi there, the issue is that when you are modifying a project in the community you haven’t saved it to your drafts yet. We don’t assume that you actually will want to save it to your drafts until you exit the project and choose that option or you press the button “save to drafts”. Because of all this, we don’t save your work as you’re editing the project.
I’m not saying the way it works is perfect, it sounds like some of you have had frustrating experiences. We’ll add it to our list of issues though I can’t give a timeline for a solution.