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Heyo! It's me again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven't coded anything all week, tbh

I was reading my remixes today, and an idea popped into my head.

(Don't worry, I had surgery and removed the acid that exploded into my brain)



I need ideas for music I can hopscotchify!

Modern stuff, please.

(Pop, Classical, whatever)

For example, @Gilbert189's modern music would fall into the modern classical/blues music.

Taylor Swift would fall into modern pop.




You should do fur Elise, my favorite classical song


Fur Elise was made in 1810, and thats not really modern in 2016! Unless you are still in the 1800's.

If you are, I respect that.


Noticed you got lazy with tagging.


Wow no offense but dos tags are just sad


I'm on the computer, don't have my special list with me!

BOT please


@Follow4LikesOfficial could you do Cheerleader or Fight Song? -SkydivingWalnut


Just Give Me A Reason by Pink!!!!!!!


Oh XD Nevermind that idea. I forgot it was made in 1810. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm doing a Violin/Viola solo ensemble with my friend here's some of da music


I think they are modern


Lol pleae put that into the tab thingys

without the period at the end tho

Its too much


Sorry it's probably like someone shining a flashlight in your face


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Sawy but dis is an off topic question but where do you get da smiley profile pic


Why do people put 'BOT?' What do they mean when they put it down? Sorry, off topic.


as my friends laugh because I do this a lot I say yayzeez!!!! And then clap my hands like a sissy


It means "back on topic"


BOT means "Back on topic"

Also, @system's name is

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T (opic!)

Which means the (ro)BOT likes to close posts that aren't OT (on topic)


I know that The Happy Farmer and The Entertainer are kinda old songs, but I love them soooo much!


Hmm, I would do a catchy pop song that's kinda known. That's what people are interested these days