Model Requests?


I now take model requests!
They look like this:

If you want one, Heres the request sheet:
Dress colour:
Belt color:
Belt accessory color:
Background color:
Floor color:
Bun or hair down:
Do you want tips of your hair coloured and what colour (Only if the hair is down):
Hair colour:

If you are a boy and really want one, Let me know!

Thanks, FluffyMice


Thanks @FluffyMice


Here @Dolphin_coders


Here’s my request :D

Hair color: Brown
Dress colour: Dark Blue
Belt color: White
Belt accessory color: Light Blue
Background color: Blue
Floor color: Green
Bun or hair down: Hair down

Thank you!! (^-^)/


Here @Lollypopcorn


Thanks so much!! I’ll check it out in a minute :D




Here @Holly_Aarmau


Are you able to make the hair tip colored?


No, Sorry.


If you don’t know how I think I might.


If you want one, Heres the request sheet:
Hair color: Purple
Dress color: White
Belt color: Light cyan
Belt accessory color: Pink
Background color: light blue
Floor color: light gray
Bun or hair down: down


Here @MinionCandy

I just found out how to make the hair tip a differant colour, If you want a new one.


Nah I’m fine lol
Thank you!


Any more requests? @OMTL


Thank you so much! :smiley:


You might want to make that into a project so that other people in Hopscotch could like that and make their own models without constantly bugging you or you asking them for requests. :wink:


I like doing request @DECODECO ! But great idea! Here is the project!

Lol I made that ages ago XD


Here @WynterDiamond


Thank you :smiley: