Model Requests With PB and CT!



Hey everyone! This topic is for me and @PandaBlossom. We're gonna be planning a few things here! A few ideas I had were...

  • Game Requests
  • Collabs
  • Anything else!


:3... I can't code very well...I'm trying to make a mystery game right now.. I just don't get it :joy:

Thanks for making the topic!


I can help if you need it! But what I need is some food. I'll be right back.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I've already had dinner, it's like, 8:45 where I live... !


0-0 it's about 3:45 pm here... Wow.


XD big time zone difference there XD... Ahh... I'm on the forums, till, like, 00:30 am sometimes XD the things that I do for my friends... They never appreciate that I libpve 5 hours ahead of them and I stay up late for them!!!


I stay up til', like, three am every day.


:scream: my wifi dies at, like 00:55, so I have to go then, ;-; I cri


You still on @Sparkczy ? I'm bored, and I'm sad on HS, there's nothing to do ;-;


Yeah. Sorry. I'm watching Malcolm in the middle, what should we work on?


@Sparkczy ? You are on, but no replying, what does that mean?


Ack. Sorry, I dunno, maybe some kind of game , that would help me get better at that, I can't make games :yum:


They can be easy depending on what you're making! Maybe we could take art pad and model requests?


Shakes head violently no...not drawing pads... I'm sick of them right now.... They are so scary...set colour, set value, check once if, leave a trail, all the time...just no, I've been working on one for the whole day, and I'm sick of the sight of them... Model requests...not a bad idea!


Okay, awesome! People, we're taking model requests!




Could you announce it on hopscotch? On my account, I feel as if I have been betrayed by a friend and I don't think it would be too good to publish it there - it's like saying


Doesn't sound right :yum:


Lol! You can always talk to me if you need to. What's your HS email? Do you have one?


I don't have one, I have a private one, though that would be sharing personal info as it has my-sorta-birthdate, so I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to use it :grin: Sorry! We can talk on here anyway :laughing:


I have to go! Erg. I'll be on in a few hours.