Model help for beginners! I need help!



I need tips and ideas! Read on and help please!
I want to get better at shape models.

I need suggestions on things I should try to make out of shapes on hopscotch. I also need tips on making models. Keep in mind I'm a beginner!

I would love @SmilingSnowflakes tips and suggestions if your not too busy

Here are the only 2 models I've made! (The bunny and chick, both out of only shapes)



Please help and reply!


ask @SmilingSnowflakes!


I tagged her, she liked it, but didn't reply!


sorry i can't help u, i only can drawing....... check out my profile and u will know what i meant...


Thanks anyway!


@Gilbert189? Any tips or anything? Your good at models, and you've worked with Smilingsnowflakes a lot sooooo....

@ahappycoder I saw your cute little green thing model... Any help?

@everyone else?


What do you need help with? :D

Sorry I replied so late. :D


It's totally fine! Sorry if I bugged you...

I need some tips about model making. I want to make models, but I really don't know how. Any tips? Or ideas of things I could make? An example of my best model is on the first post!


You didn't bug me! :D

It always helps to have a picture in mind. :D

If you have reference picture, your own drawing, or you have a picture in your mind, it really helps with making trail art, shape art, and models. :D

Once you have that...

Ask yourself how you would be able to make that in code blocks.

How many degrees would I have to turn while making that trail?
What shape could make that?
What two shapes put together would make that?
How could I make that in blocks?

It also helps to study the shapes, and what they look like together. :D
And to learn how to use all or most of the code blocks. :D

Experimenting helps a lot too!

Shape doesn't look right?
Experiment with sizes!

If something isn't working, or doesn't look right, experiment!


Thank you so much! Any ideas of something I could try to make out of shapes or trail art? Suggestions?


Ideas for things you can make...

Here's a list of words that maybe could give you some ideas! :D




If you need more, I could come up with more! :D

Try pairing words together, thinking about what you could make that has that word in it, and coming up with your own random list of words!
Maybe it would help a little more than mine. XD


Wow, thank you sooooooo Much!

you are my idol and I'm literally freaking out inside because you are helping and being so kind to me. Wow I sound like an obsessed fan! :blush::joy:


thx @SmilingSnowflakes


I finished! I used the words moon and Galaxy!
Here it is:


so pretty........i will never make sth like that..........


You can make great models to! Use Smilingsnowflakes tips!


Do you have photographic memory? :D


I don't. :D
... ;-;


I could use you for some many things if you did :PP