No worries and okay, bye! :wave: hope you have fun :blush:


Thanks a lot @t1_hopscotch !!


Wow thanks a lot @Silverdolphin! :smile: I don't have anything else to add, except for the little notes that I changed :blush: I can re-list this now if you're ready :smiley:


Okay I am ready for now - please can you now list it ?


Ooh! 3 more years! Sooo clooose

Being a Hopscotch Mod might actually be really fun! I've been considering it a lot


Ooh, yes! It would be very fun. I am constantly seeing people around the forum who are deserving leader/mod.


Yeah, there are a lot of people on the forum who are respectful, on topic, and considerate of others. It'd be nice to have semi-leaders or something (Being "Regular" is really cool, though)


@FearlessPhoenix maybe this topic will also be useful? I made it with t1 (when she was a mod!)

It’s old I know


Yeah, it might, except that we’re leaders and not mods, so we can’t do some of that stuff


As in you could add it to your Q and A section maybe so people can know what the moderators do!


@Ana would this topic be useful at all?


Yeah, I mean, I definitely think it’s useful, just not 100% applicable to us


Exactly, let me see what Ana thinks!


@t1_hopscotch hi! I was wondering if we should use this topic or not?


I think this fits under leaders, as we don’t really do mods anymore


yes, it’s just that is topic applies to mods!