Hiya everyone!

This is the new topic for discussing Mod stuff , and answering questions, e.g :

  • How do you get a title ?
    Moderators give them out to you only on special occasions, like if you win a big competition! :blush: Currently they are being given out as contest prizes.

  • How do you make a group?
    Sign up for a custom group in this topic after filling out a form: Custom groups in the forum

  • How can you become a moderator or a leader?
    At the moment, you have to be chosen by @Liza or by becoming an intern at hopscotch- you have to be at least 18 for that though, sadly :disappointed:

  • How long do you have to be on the forum if you are a Mod , or Leader ?
    You have to be on quite regularly , otherwise things could get quite out of hand , and you need to remember you would be in charge of the forum. People would be Tagging you often , so stay alert !:grinning:

  • What can a Mod do ?
    Mods can do lots of things like : Private Message people for concerns, Pin topics, Lock and reopen topics , and Recyele Topics.

This topic is made for newbies so it will be a guide - @t1_hopscotch will be helping with this topic as well. First I will start by quoting old post from GT, previous topics and put them here !


Topic Portal and FAQ
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Would you like me to make the post a wiki? :smiley:


Okay !

what for?


Oh okay don't worry — I thought we had wanted to include the quotes in a wiki but never mind! I misunderstood :smile:


I will add a note that I may not be able to answer/address everything asked about mod-related things — I will try to answer what I am able to.


No- I think that's a good idea ! We should make it wiki !!


Okay! I have done that now.


Also do you mid locking the topic if that's a good idea ??


Oh do you mean closing this topic so there are no more replies? I think I could do that, while this is in progress for you, then reopen it later again once it's done :smiley:


I have added another frequently asked question to the wiki :smiley:


Yah , okay , then let's do it !!


Okay I will close it for now, however, it means we won't be able to reply.

Oh, there is also another idea — I could unlist it, and then re-list it when you feel ready for posting. I will give an example:

unlisted #13


But what does that mean ???????


It means that you can still view the topic through links, but it will not appear in Latest/meta etc until it is listed again.

Let me know if you would like to change it


Yay thanks @t1_hopscotch !


Hopefully it lets you be a bit more comfortable with editing :blush: You can always take your time, either way :smiley:


Okay - I think this topic should not take too long


Okay :smile: just feel free to take your time any way, and let me know when you would like to re-list it again :blush:


Don't worry m I will do and that should be in less than a week as now I need to go and get ready to school - I will be on again in the evening!