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So I’m making a sort of topic portal/copyable mass topic list!

1. All topics must be approved. Here are the requirements:

  • It must be HS/HSF-related (except for the random topic)
  • It must be a topic that would be good for new forumers
  • It must not be inappropiate/spam-like in anyway
  • It cannot be a closed topic
  • It cannot be a duplicate (so check the list often!)
  • It cannot be a flagged topic (flagged posts in the topic are fine)

I’m gonna need some other people to run this thing and get it going!
Put your name between the lines to sign up. I will accept up to 7 people. We need everybody’s help to make this reliable and a go-to.

@Hermione wants to help u out!

So here is the list:
[MobCraft’s Topic] (2009 flip phone)
Enchanted’s Topic
CC/Disky’s Topic
Kiwicute’s Topic
Intellection’s Topic
Murphy1’s Topic
Rainboom’s Topic
Smishy’s Topic
SmilingSnowflakes’s Topic
TheRealBlah’s Topic
Gilberto’s Topic
HFB’s Topic
Maltese’s Topic
SmileyAlyssa’s Topic
BerryFOX’s Topic
Paige1212’s Topic
Awesome_E’s Topic
Steelhooves’s Help Topic
Phase Admin’s Topic
KarmicSans2’s Topic
thebestest’s topic
MR.GAM3R’s Topic
HopedHopers Derelict General
Bella’s Epic Winter Coding Tournament
Useful questions
What is a user card badge?
What are the rules on the forum?
How can I get leader?
What are trust levels?
What are some tips for being a good forumer?
How do I use HS/HSF?
Make a trail spiral
Using individual clones
Unicode faces
[How To Make An Invisible Joystick] (How to make an “invisible” joystick!)
3D Tutorial: Basics
Scrollable Website Tutorial
Making a shop
How to make a clean project
[How to upload a screenshot]
(How to upload a screenshot!)
Nomination Topics
Nominations for Featured
Nominations for Leader
Nominations for Rising
Positive Topics
Write a positive essay
Positivity Topic
Positivity Chain Game
Compliment Someone!
Story Topics
Imagination is cool, so use it here!

Put your topic here, but make sure it follows guidelines.

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Thanks guys, but now, I don't really need anymore help, but ty!
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A complete guide through the forum through links!
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Hai guys it's A.K studios!
I have just joined!😄😄
I'm new to the forum! 😜
I'm new to the forum! 😜
I'm New to The Forum :D
Introduction - KiritoKitteh
Hi I'm fried hamburger
Welcome to the Forum! :D
I'm new to the hopscotch forum
Look at my account ( Blackbutter )
The how-to portal (official)
Any Hop Friends?
comments ?!!!!!
New To The Forum
Hello I'm new can I have some help
Hello... I am new to this Forum
HopscotchRemixer's Topic Wormhole

What is dis topic about?


It's a topic portal/copyable mass topic list




Lots of text much wow


Can I have my general topic?


Can me, PenguinGaming713, Sweetlina, and EnchantedAnimallover have our contest under the collabs/contests section?




U tagged my topic?
I never got a link to my topic somewhere else. Thank you!


I request this topic under MISC.


Can I help with this list?


Much text :0000000000000000000000


Yes! Put your name on the list.


@Hermione find topics and put them in their correct categories. Make sure they follow the requirements.


Ok !
I will start to do that!


Thanks for including two of my topics!


You're welcome!




Can u guys please check out the Olympic contest?
Mob Craft just added it to topic. This is the link in case you want it--->

You guys will have fun and there are good prizes ( some from leaders)

We need a lot of ppl to make it fun so please compete


Sorry I can't join.


Please state that a little nicer. c: