MobCraft's Terrible Draws!


Fillin the bug form lel

Your username:
What kind of device are you using?:
My fingers
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing __art_______, and then ____I failed______ happened):

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Draw something horribly
2. Share it

I expected this to happen:
I draw a great thing
But instead this happened:
I drew a terrible thing
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
Lel I'll showcase here

1. Panda (requested by @PerfectPanda24)

2. Banana (requested by @KVJ)

3. The fabulous rainbow toad without dentures (requested by @Nerd4Ever)

Request away and I'll draw them asap!


Bumping this up!


Can you draw a panda? XD


Lol that form.

Draw a banana please!


Draw a very kawaii Potatoe


Very kawaii


Me need pic of kawaii putaetoh


Terrible picture...also it's only a panda head...


Here is da banana:


Draw a rainbow toad with wings flying through space.


Woah woah woah


I'll get it soon so brb
(btw the two I did were using Adobe Photoshop Sketch but it's not on my school iPad so I'll use either Brushes Redux or Autodesk SketchBook)


I need rainbow toads in my life.


Be careful: this is terrible


No wings... and it's not flying through space.. I'm dissapointed.

jk lol its amazing


It looks like an old frog whose dentures have fallen out


Very true.


I can't add tags to this topic...dang it! Oh well...