MobCraft's Reverse Trivia Game XD


If you can read this you get 5 points

tniop emag 1 dna sekil maps steg ecalp drihT
stniop emag 2 dna ,sekil maps ,(keew rep eno) tuo-tuohs a steg osla ecalp dnoceS
(sezirp keew-2 dna ylkeew eht otni og hcihw) stniop emag 3 dna ,(skeew 2 rep eno esoohc ot teg uoy) uoy ot detiderc em yb tcejorp a ,sekil maps ,(keew rep eno) tuo-tuohs a steg renniW
(ht71 eht gnitrats) yad yreve eb lliw sdnuoR
!SH ot gnitaler snoitseuq delyts-aivirt rehto emos ot (lanosrep oot ton ylsuoivbo) snoitseuq lanosrep morf gnignar snoitseuq deraler-sinnet gniksa eb lliw I
gniht bobamagniht aivirt elttil looc a si siht syawynA
!speep rehto eht lla ot tiderC



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Wat duuuuuuuuuuuh...
plz just stop...
this confuses me so much!!!!
keep on doing it.

...huuuuuuuuuuud taW
...pots stuj zlp
!!!hcum os em sesufnoc sith
.ti gniod no peek

I did it @MobCraft!

!tfarCboM@ ti did I


Ok then summarize what I said


Credit to all the other peeps!

Anyways this is a cool little trivia thingimabob thing I will be asking questions ranging from personal questions (obviously not too personal) to some other trivia-styled questions related to hopscotch!

Winner gets a shoutout (one per week), spam likes, a project by me credited to you (you get to choose one per two weeks), and three game points (which go into the weekly and two-weekly prizes).
Second place also gets a shoutout (one per week), spam likes, and two game points.
Third place gets spam likes and one game point.


Good enough? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! I want to do it. The reversed text is basically the prizes and how the trivia works :smiley:


Ssh! It might be good to put that in a spoiler text so that it doesn't ruin it to other people who are trying to figure it out


Ok you get 5 points
I want to see you change your title to "The Backwards Queen" :stuck_out_tongue:





It took me 7 minutes to decipher omg that was long


It took me quicker XD


well I did type it all out for those to read xD


It took me maybe 15 minutes to transcribe the original thing into the reversed thing :stuck_out_tongue:
@Kiwicute2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


?krow ti seod yltlcaxe woH ?nigeb aivirt eht seod nehw oS

): moc.esrevertxet tuo kcehc ,oslA


Read the post
I thought you read it


Actually I meant when will you start asking questions?


Tomorrow maybe in the mornin


gnol saw tahT !ti daer I


I was tagged? For what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Because :stuck_out_tongue: