MobCraft Q&A v2 (started by crazygoat)





Are you here?

I just wanted to ask 2 questions

1: you want to collab on music and what software do u use??

2: What are you making 4 The STEM video game challenge, what are you using and if I can collab on that as well!

  1. Sure! I use either LMMS, FL Studio (the demo), or GarageBand.
  2. Minibyte, Scratch, It's full


okay... maybe you could teach me lmms! I cant find any gooooood tuts online


Okay! However I have to do it later. I have homework. Also, I've been on the computer too much the past few days.


xD same I am on the computer literally all day


xD @MobCraft?




Oh btw I'll try getting the tutorials soon! I told @Rawrbear before I was going to do it, but I never did! Just remind me :wink:


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Games! Games are fun to both play and make!


kay... XxD

lol when are you able to make the tut?


same xD

even though i rarely make them xD


I could do it now but my parents will yell at me...


oh xD

im on a phone right now and the keypas is so small xD


oh, it is i q&a now??