MobCraft Q&A! Ask Me Anything!



Ok, I've seen other people do this, so I am going to do it! Ask me anything you want (as long as it's not too personal or inappropiate)! Remember to stay on-topic on this topic, as this topic is solely for Q&A.


How did you know about hopscotch?


Do you have a GF or a BF and do you like explosives and explosions...


Do you like Dr Who???


Do you like HP???????????????


Do you like ducks?????


Would you believe a or b?
A. Pink elephants eat dishwater detergents
B. @OrangeScent1 went on a envelope that was powered on toothpaste through the galaxy with 3 cats and 2 overdue books for food that she took from a library in southern America. After the trip she landed on two cells that said hi to her and ate a pencil case, a paint bucket and an iPad.


My brother got it, and then two years later, I see it in the school's App Store and then download it.


Yes, I do. My brother watches Doctor Who. However, I don't watch it as much, because I'm on Hopscotch and stuff.


I'm a boy, and I don't have a GF. Explosions are cool! Explosives, not as much, but still cool.


Is danyangjr sent to Juby for 5 million years? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Inside joke)


What HP are you talking about?


(means no answer)


They're ok. Especially if it's Donald Trump as Donald Duck (lol)


Lol have no idea why I'm in this but ok :sweat_smile:


But joke-wise, just a


Harry Potter


Hi why is your name @MobCraft


I just chose it. I am a fan of Minecraft, and I thought Mob sounded good


Ok, then yes