Mo Hopscotch, mo betta (Hopscotch Update)



I see that there's an update. 2.17.0. Yay! I can't wait to find out what has changed.

EDIT 1: I see that the preview images have returned. That's nice.

EDIT 2: I may have discovered a :bug:. When I have code blocks that go past the right side of the screen, I can't scoot them over to edit the right-most fields, like I used to be able to do. Now, when I try to scoot everything to the left, so I can get to the stuff sticking off the screen at the right, it just bounces back, putting the thing I want to edit off the screen again. Does that happen for anybody else?


There's an update?? I haven't checked, but I checked before cello practice


Eeehh, there we go. Got update. I'll check the bug.

(After checking) No, that bug doesn't happen to me


Awesome! I thought I was first, but I think I'm third :frowning: Also, the bug doesn't happen to me either!


Can You Show Us Images?


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You can exit drafts while they are playing now instead of going back to the editor first! :blush:


YES! It should be ready early next year!


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Congratulations to the developers, then, in anticipation of the release. It will be interesting to see how you guys make it work with such limited screen real estate. Might there be a "compact" code view? Things are pretty tight on the iPad, as it is. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.