Hi Ella back again with another contest! This time the theme is MLB. As some of you may know, the regular season will end on October 2nd and that is when this contest will end!
For those who don't know, MLB stand for: Major League Baseball
there will be five teams. Each team will have a team captain which I will pick. Once sign up ends, the captains will have a draft to choose their players. In the end, each team will have the same amount of ppl.
When the teams are made, I will list all of the events. The captain will have to assign one person to compete in each event. If there are 5 kids on each team then there will be 5 events so each person in the team competes only ONCE. Event could be trail art, backgrounds, games etc. once the teams at picked, u will have until October 2nd to complete your entry and turn it in. If u turn it late then ur submission doesn't count. I will make a topic where you should turn it in.

The 4 judges and I will judge them. We will pick a 1st place, second place and third place winner for each event. Once everything has been judged, we will tally up the points for each team. The first, second, and third placed team will receive prizes.

Once the teams are picked, the captain will create a topic for their team to choose who is doing which event. You can also share your submission and get feedback.A team captain will be chosen for each team. They are in charge of assigning everyone an event.
once ur assigned an event then get working .

If someone is not on when you are announcing events then just give them a event randomly because you want to get started as quickly as possible.

If you want to apply to participate in the contest then please fill out the form below:
Will you turn your project in on time?
Will you argue about your event if you don't get what you want?
Will you have a positive attitude?
Will you try your hardest?
Will you have good sportsmanship?
Will you try to be on when your captain is assigning events?
Will you leave it off to the last second?
What is ur HS username?

If u would like to just give prizes then please tell me

The captains are chosen because they are kind and us ( the judges) think they can lead a team. Please don't be mad if you aren't chosen

Please sign up quick

Red Sox


Judges: full

First place:
Trail art request from @Hermione
Follow from @minioncandy
Likes from @minioncandy
Drawing pad from @minioncandy (fill out form)
Any project request except game from @EnchantedAnimallover
Spam likes from @EnchantedAnimallover
A follow from @EnchantedAnimallover
Drawing from @EnchantedAnimallover
Internet hug from @EnchantedAnimallover
Art request from @StarryDream
Follow from @Ella_13
Human drawing request from @Sweetlina
@Ella_13 ill nominate your project to be featured Shoutout from @EnchantedAnimallover

Second place:
Follow from @Hermione
Human drawing request from @PurpleStorybook
Follow from @minioncandy
HSB drawing pad from @minioncandy
Follow from @Ella_13
Follow from @EnchantedAnimallover
Spam likes from @EnchantedAnimallover
Drawing from @EnchantedAnimallover
Shoutout @EnchantedAnimallover
Internet hug from @EnchantedAnimallover

Third place:
Shoutout from @Hermione
Human drawing request from @PurpleStorybook
Follow from @minioncandy
Follow from @Ella_13
Spam likes from @EnchantedAnimallover
Shoutout from @EnchantedAnimallover
Internet hug from @EnchantedAnimallover

Sins and cons
Drawing ( screenshot your drawing)
Pixel art
Trail art
Drawing pad

Please don't ask to join once the contest is underway. Please join before the deadline

MLB contest prizes ( more ppl needed to give out prizes plz)

Someone please do the OMTL


Will you judge fairly?


Will you be on when we judge because we only have a certain amount of time?


Will you argue with fellow judges?


Will you be able to give prizes?

Yes! I can give a project request except game, follow, spam likes, drawing, and a internet hug! XD

Will you talk on the judges topic?

why not lol


Thanks you! You are a judge Could u please do the OMTL?

tag list


that's where I went. XD

I can't wait! I love ur contested!


I see you guys liking my posts! Please participate . Last contest, the prizes are very good and the winners Even got titles @Paige1212
@happyfacegirl @smishsmash


Thank you sm

I'm excited for u to be a judge now!


I'll play pls...


Will you judge fairly? YAS OF COURSE
Will you be on when we judge because we only have a certain amount of time? TICK
Will you argue with fellow judges? NUUU
Will you be able to give prizes? :white_check_mark:, Art request
Will you talk on the judges topic? Sometimes



I'm sorry, I don't have any time ;-;


Ella, I think that 5 judges are too much! Maybe just three?


Please fill out the form! Thanks!


I might want to join??
I read everything but can you explain it more!?


Ok it's full then. R u saying three judges besides me or three judges counting me?


Hat isn't relevant at all. I'm going to give you a warning.

Ella, I meant three judges INCLUDING you. c:


Basically u will wh assigned an event by ur team captain. Let's just say u get pixel art. U will work on ru pixel art and turn it in on October 2. We will then judge it and give a first, second and third okae. As a team ur points will eh added together. We will Have prizes for first place, prizes for second place, and prizes for third place. Everyone on the team what all the prizes that are listed for whatever place they come in


Got it



i wanted to be funny. geez.


I'm not really good at drawing or pixel art!


MLB, MLB, cmon, I know what this is! ...... googles mlb
Oh, it's football! XD

I might want to join, this sounds cool, but I don't have much time right now. I'll let you know if I want to join! :smile: