MLB contest team draft


Duh duh duh
The moment you all have been waiting for!

So I'm gonna announce the captains and this is where the draft will take place

Yankees- @AwesomeNachos
Red Sox- @happyfacegirl
Marlins- @minioncandy
Rays- @MR.GAM3R

Players needed to be drafted:
* I will remove the player from the list as soon as they are chosen

Pixel art
Trail art
Sins and cos
Coolest background
Coolest game

*the projects do not have to be related to baseball

how does the draft work?
It will kinda be like a serpent. Whoever gets first pick the first round, gets last pick the second round. Whoever gets last like the first round, gets two picks instead of 1

The order
Red Sox
Red Sox
Red sox

what do captain do
They draft their team
They assign their team members events
They spread positivity
They give feedback
They make sure their team turns in their projects on time

what does it mean to assign your team members events?

So let's just say that bob, joe, Sam and you are on the same team. You are the captain. Let's just say the four events are: best ballet drawing, pixel art, trail art, coolest dinosaur game. U then Have to assign one teammate to each event (including yourself). You may not do more than one event unless I ( ella_13)tell u that u can.

For example:
Bob- ballet drawing
Ella- dinosaur game
Joe- pixel art
Sam- trail art

if u aren't a captain:
Don't be mad cause u aren't captain
Don't argue with what events u r assigned unless u can't do it ( like u have no ide show to do sins and cons)
Turn in ur project on time
Don't be mad about what team u r on
Be polite

So let the team picking begin!!

Captains please make a team topic. Please list the rules ( team rules like be kind and don't argue) , the events, who is assigned to each event and other important info on that topic

Rays- @Nboss84 @thebestest @KoolM123 @MR.GAM3R @Zachyswag
Red Sox- @codingkit @Goobrgrlrye @DA-BEASTY @happyfacegirl @Sweetlina
Yankees- @Potter_Head @RubyStars @AwesomeNachos @RobotPro
Marlins- @CrookedCat6519 @CodePerfect @minioncandy @PumpkinGirl @FascinatingTreehouse


K thanks! :D


@AwesomeNachos ur pick when u r ready

Please tag ur teammates to ur team topic


Anyone picking me, I should create a drawing pad. I've already done a REALLY good one. At least in my opinion. I could also make a game. I'm not very good at the other tasks!


I choose @RobotPro. :DD


@AwesomeNachos Tag him to ur team topic.

@MR.GAM3R ur up


@minioncandy u have next pick after @MR.GAM3R


I don't get it, can you explain the part about the "how does the draft work" plz?


She explained up there. :DDD


So basically all u need to do is follow the order that I posted

Basically if u have last pick then u get 2 picks


Sorry, I was making my team topic.


It's okay!


How many ppl can I pick?


I choose @Zachyswag. Gotta go now, be back soon


I choose @PumpkinGirl. You didn't remove her yet


Cause u just picked her

@happyfacegirl ur pick


What's my part? thanks for picking me!


He will assign them when ur whole team has been picked

@minioncandy please make a team topic like @MR.GAM3R and @AwesomeNachos and please tag ur teammates to it


And @minioncandy didn't pick u


I did already, when can I pick again?