MLB contest results


The results are in! They were agreed on by all the judges. We graded very tough and left comments

If your team wins first, second or third, you will be tagged to a prize topic

Pixel Art:
@AwesomeNachos : This project was amazing. I loved how you did the smooth pixel art. This pizza is amazing! 10/10!

@minioncandy : This pixel filed the whole screen. Kind of strange. This did not include very much colors. It's amazing tho. 9/10.
@MR.GAM3R : This project was pretty good! It used dots, a version of pixel art I (enchanted hopscotcher)don't like. 7/10.

@Potter_Head: 9.2! I love how you added a start button and everything! This was super creative. 9/10

@thebestest : This was amazing! It was beautiful and innotive. 8/10.
@CodePerfect : Why do you enter this for every contest? It's really good! 7/10!

Sin and Cos:
@CrookedCat6519 : I love the design! It's amazing and super pretty! You used sine and cosines very well. 10/10
@FoodDelivery : Again, you enter this for every contest. It's great! 8/10
@MR.GAM3R : 6/10 it was good and amazing!


@PumpkinGirl - 9/10! This was really fun! I loved how no fish was harmed XD

@codingkit : 6/10 this was amazing!! It was kind of simple though.
Zachyswag: this wasn't really a game at all.(enchanted hopscotcher) It was cool though. 5/10.

Trail Art:

@RobotPro : 10/10! I loved how much turns u used. U made the code advanced.

@MR.GAM3R : 9/10 really good.

@FascinatingTreehouse 8/10 good not really realistic

Team results:
After a short break


This was graded MUCH harder then the Olympic contest


What is the MLB contest?


Thank you! :laughing::joy:

Also, congrats to everyone! Everyone put so much work into the pose projects! Bravo!


Should I start giving out prizes yet? Cuz I am giving out requests for a drawing.


Not yet cause u don't know which team got first place. U will be tagged when it is time to give prizes


I'll announce the team first place winners in the morning probs


Were there only three teams?


How about 2nd and 3rd?


Not yet. Because U still don't know who won second and third


There was four but one team didn't turn stuff in


Thanks your your kind comments :grin:
Congratulations everyone!
You all got great scores! :laughing:
Ella did you get suspended?


I think the team results were:
1. Yankees
2. Marlins
3. Rays


Yeah... I was working on a more complicated game but I couldn't figure out a glitch in time so I just turned in that.


And Red Sox(me!)


The other Red Sox didn't turn in their projects


Yeah I just realized that.


Where is Ella??????????????


Thanks mate. I appreciate your support. Congratulations. You just got flagged.


mhm. Same with me. Come on dude. I dont hate you.