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If I listed your name and you're not in the club, tell me and you're dismissed. If I forgot to say your name and you're in the club, please notify me.
Since there was too much blaming in the old one, in this new topic let's start fresh.

Mature Club/Company/Collab [Closed]

You forgot me.


Thanks! :sweat_smile:


I'll check the MK38C email to see if I have yours. :wink:


Oh, I see @MobCraft accepted you. You're in! :slightly_smiling:


Ok, Mob accepted, although I cannot help xD
Please join chat on MK forum @Rawrbear


Ok @Rawrbear @Phase_Studios if i work together on any project with you, you must publish and place a link here for me to help. I'm not going to code on any private collab account.


Same here. I cannot xD


I will in a minute :wink:


20202020 body invalid


Added you! Look at the list now


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I say keep it closed for a little while. I'll also request a password change. :wink:


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Okay. Did you also request a password change for MK37C?? Whenever I put in the justtooawesome password it never works JustTooAwesome!! I also can't um you know email so can I just have the password here when you're done I'm on like all the time except for when I'm at school and dinner and morning


Oh yeah.... I'll do it, but they don't respond until Monday. :wink:


you like making music. What do you think of making a trailer for a scary movie.
With suspense music and sounds. Like a promo for a new gremlins movie?


Sounds cool. I'm not so good at making music but I'm decent


Maybe! On this account?


I mean a published collab where we take turns adding to the project