MK38C Company/Club!



2020202020 body invalid


Why do we like and follow the hackers account?!


We do? O_o

Oh wait, I remember. Idk lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh yeah, I want to monitor them.


Okey i thought they hacked us! :grimacing:

Super Hexagon Collab

@Gabe_N @friendship2468 @Nas-Studio @CreativeCoder @Phase_Studios

Alright! @Zane2 gets a free invitation to this club, because he gave me the idea to make the game Super Hexagon! :smile:

Is this possible in hopscotch?

Hi @Rawrbear! I've just seen this post and just sent it off. Way better and secure way! :wink: you can send to me all you like for reminders. Thanks!


Okay, please set up a random phrase, and make it the same here and on your email. :wink:


I don't get it. 2020


Say a phrase like, "I like trains", or something like that.


What's your random phrase?


You're accepted! I will send you da pas.


Rawrbear, can I have your email so we can discuss the current Hopscotch news?


Okay, I will send it to you (We are friends in real life :3)


What's the hackers account?


Idk, why did you ask here?


Pro Tip: Delete the comments about the comment with the password or the hacker will see it.


Well, duh! Which post did I not delete?


I LOVE the Super Hexagon Trailer it's so creative!:sunglasses::sunglasses:


NVM I see it deleted good job mongo bro BEYOND mongo, bro