MK37C Company/Club!



Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say that my club, MK37C got its own collaboration account!

For those of you that don't know what MK37C is, it's my own club that I set up! It'll be awesome. So far, I only have two people in it, so if you want to join, you have to:

-Make a full drawing pad with custom features and HSB colors.
-Make a game with good mechanics in it, like gravity or non-glitching portals.
-Make a 3 or more scene movie.
-Make a good #Challenge (With a trigger so it knows when you finished the challenge)

We will also be doing challenges, as well as a "Milestones" page and a "Log" page!

Also, I don't care if you're in a different club, so if you're in Phase Company (Right here!), then you will LOVE this club! If you do join, I will give you the username and the password to the account.

Thanks for reading!


Can you tell me the password?


And BTW do you have to do all of them or just one?


All of them. Also, I will invite you to another topic.


Never mind to that! Lol!

Please, if I haven't accepted you into this club, please don't log in...

The username is MK37C and the pass is JustTooAwesome.

EDIT: This account is now open for the community! :smile:

Who is copying people's usernames

I am not that good with movie scenes and that stuff, but I have made it before, I have made a #challenge. I have made a lot amazing games with amazing physics and non glitching portals! I have made colors with HSB and color pads and I am familiar with all of the stuff now how to make them @Rawrbear!


Cool! So do you want to join? :grinning:


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I'm talking about game mechanics themselves, but that works! :grinning:


Also, you don't have to make and post it, you just have to know how to do it well.


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I'd like to join. I've made more advanced projects than the ones you've listed.
I like working together and getting results quickly and not just talking and planning for weeks with no progress.


I'm more interested in making projects that are fun to play rather than just pretty to look at.
If fun isn't at the top of your priorities in the club you're making then i'll have to withdraw my request.


Yes I would love to join @Rawrbear!


Cool! You're in. Go here for info


These are pretty cool! I know that "Tap Warriors" are on featured! :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃 You're in! Go here


Also, @MobCraft, you don't need to put MK37C in front of your name anymore, that was a looooooong time ago. (Did you know that MobCraft was here when this was just a small club? And did you know he is our co-leader? :open_mouth:)


@Phase_Studios @Stradyvarious @seawolfwerehorse I probably should have told you guys before-hand :yum:


Oops, I forgot, are you going to join?




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